Is your current vehicle too expensive?
Does your vehicle have too many miles?

Federal Bankruptcy Laws allow you to surrender the vehicle and discharge any remaining debt in your bankruptcy.

Jake Sweeney SmartMart can help you replace your current vehicle with a new or low-mileage, affordable car.

There is absolutely no cost or obligation to explore your options.

Benefits to You:

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Deeply Discounted Pricing
  • Re-Established Credit
  • Excellent Selection of Late-Model, Low Mileage Vehicles
  • 50 Point Inspection and Vehicle History Reports ran on all Vehicles
  • Zero Pressure
  • Free Delivery
  • Partners with 722 Redemption Funding, Inc. – the Nation’s most experienced redemption and replacement company
  • Large, Multi-Franchise Dealership With Over 80 Years Experience